BONUS! The 7 Deadly Sins of Restaurant Eating

by | Jul 25, 2022

The 7 Deadly Sins of Restaurant Eating is all about losing weight and or maintaining your lost weight WHILE ENJOYING EATING OUT!

This can be for work, vacations, weekends, and or even using restaurants to meet your meal prepping needs.
ps: You are NEVER committing a SIN when it comes to eating or drinking…

The First Deadly Sin … Not Asking for what we want
The Second Deadly Sin … Clean plate club and not wanting to waste food or money
The Third Deadly Sin … Not Panning ahead
The Fourth Deadly Sin … Being OVERLY hungry
The Fifth Deadly Sin … What happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas…. Pretending that meals OUT don’t count
The Sixth Deadly Sin … Playing follow the leader
The Seventh Deadly Sin … Letting social events and JOY eating spiral out in your mind

You CAN eat out – have fun …. and still lose weight.  It’s really about getting clear on your goals and what you want your life to look and feel like.

Questions to ask yourself:

Why do I want to lose weight?
What do I believe about weight loss? (is that true?)
What stands in my way of weight loss?  (is that true?)
How can I make weight loss easier?
How am I always in control of my weight loss?
How am I always in control of what I do and do not eat?
How can eating OUT serve me?

STRATEGIES for Eating Out:

Read the menu ahead of time
Find your GO TO restaurants
Every restaurant can accommodate you
Plan Ahead
Eat ½ – Take ½
Slow down
Get a meal to go (take out)

STRATEGIES for Eating Out – BONUS!

Don’t eat shitty food that you don’t enjoy
Address your money issues
Address deep seated food beliefs
You are an adult

Let’s put it all together.

Think about what 2-3 strategies you can work on right now. 

What are they? 

What hit home for you most?

How can you trust yourself with food?

How can eating out be easy?

How do you want to feel when you wake up?


When it comes to eating out, you can lose weight, maintain your lost weight, and enjoy the food while in a restaurant. I know that’s probably contrary to everything you have been told. But it’s true. There are going to be times during your weight loss journey when you are going to be eating out:

Work dinners/lunches

Work conferences


Family Dinner



Girl’s Night Out

Bottom line…there will be times when you are going to be eating out, but you absolutely can stay true to your goals and still enjoy the food. In this BONUS episode of Unf*ck Your Weight Loss, we’re covering the 7 Deadly Sins of Restaurant Eating and giving you fundamental strategies to help you stay on track and still enjoy your time out. 


Bonnie Lefrak has been in the health and fitness industry for 25 years. As a former bikini competitor, Bonnie helps other women achieve their dreams of being on stage as bikini competitors through her bikini program at the gym she owns in Massachusetts called Fitness Asylum. But as a self-proclaimed professional dieter, Bonnie also realized the toll dieting takes on the human brain. 

Bonnie helps women over 40 lose weight without killing themselves in the gym, eliminate all the BS food drama, and help to create a life and body they LOVE. She wants to help women create certainty in their own lives, their own results, and their own abilities. Weight loss is not about the one “right” diet. It is about MUCH more than that. 

Weight loss is not about the one “right” workout. Weight loss is not about being positive and putting a big smile on. Weight loss is about FEELINGS. All of them. Not trying to bury them or hide from them but knowing and allowing the full human experience. Weight loss is not about grinding hustling and will powering your way to some end line. Transformation (when done well) is done from the inside out. Transformation doesn’t happen on the scale. She is an expert at Demystifying weight loss and helps you unfuck your diet brain.

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