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Self Made

An exclusive program for women over 40 create a drama free weight loss in their lives by getting off the diet roller coaster, and empowering them to take charge and own their results, instead of feeling trapped and overwhelmed by all of the diet noise on the internet and decades of diet indoctrination.

No more Drama

No More overwhelm

No More diet suffering

An exclusive drama free weight loss program for women over 40

Helping women over 40 create a drama free weight loss in their lives by getting off the diet roller coaster, and empowering them to take charge and own their results, instead of feeling trapped and overwhelmed by all of the diet noise on the internet and decades of diet indoctrination.

Personalized Plan

A week-by-week detailed personal plan customized to your needs inclusive of food, nutrition and fitness resources. Say goodbye to self-doubt and start to generate momentum as you move closer creating the life you love.

High Accountability

Do you find yourself needing that extra push to help you make commitments and stick with them? My program offers one-on-one coaching calls with me, weekly check-ins, live coaching calls, access to and daily journaling.


Let’s face it. We have all lost weight before. Sustainable weight loss takes more than just a diet and fitness. Having access to a community of like-minded women on similar journeys is vital to your growth and transformation.

Mindset Coaching

You will need to challenge your beliefs about food, fitness and ultimately what you think you are capable of or not. While “mindset coaching” might sound “woo-woo” or too boring I promise you this is where the magic happens.

This is for you if…

  • NYou are DONE struggling
  • NYou are DONE trying to figure shit out and failing
  • NYou are DONE hating what and who you see in the mirror and photos
  • NYou are READY and WILLING to let go all the old diet BS
  • NYou are READY and WILLING to show up for yourself
  • NYou are READY and WILLING to be uncomfortable because life ain’t all sunshine and ponies
  • NYou are READY and WILLING to take responsibility for your actions and future
  • NYou are READY and WILLING to prioritize yourself
  • NYou want to feel challenged, supported, and accountable
  • NYou are ready to invest the time and energy into yourself
  • NYou want to develop a healthy relationship with food, the scale, exercise and yourself
  • NYou have already tried all the things
  • NYou want to lose 5-100+ lbs
  • NYou want coaching tools that could improve every aspect of your life
  • NYou are ready to do epic shit with a group of badass women

This is NOT for you if…

  • MYou want a quick fix diet
  • MYou want to blame everything and everyone else for your outcomes
  • MYou are a dude …. Sorry – this is for women 35-59 +
  • MYou have deep seated trauma or a current eating disorder (I am not a therapist)
  • MYou won’t show up for the work
  • MYou won’t show up for the coaching
  • MYou are going to quit on yourself
  • MYou are satisfied with the status quo and not motivated to get results
  • MYou need us to chase you down for check ins and participation
  • MHate swearing 😊

About Bonnie

Helping you to be your best takes knowledge, experience and support…that you can count on.

That’s where I come in.

Hi I’m Bonnie

I help women over 40 lose weight without killing themselves in the gym, eliminate all the BS food drama, and help to create a life and body they LOVE.

Here’s the truth…

Diets work. But no one was bringing everything together:

Food… Fitness… Mindset… Hormones

And really it’s the mindset work that is most impactful. Changing the landscape of dieting starts with changing what we THINK about food, the scale, our weight, our bodies, and ourselves.

Also, because of covid it became clear MORE THAN ever I can work ONLINE with women anywhere and everywhere. While our OTHER programs do have this option I think covid allowed more women to realize that they need not have proximity to get results.

They need not come to MY gym or in fact ANY gym.

And for me, I had been working at home exclusively since about 2015 which means all of my clients are online.

Ultimately… I am on a mission to help women love themselves.

To find PEACE in the process of losing weight, taking care of themselves, and leveraging the power they do have to become who and want they want right now.

I think for a long time it was STRENGTH training that seemed to be the natural vehicle for this mission, and while I do think it is IMPORTANT, after working with thousands of women I clearly see and understand it is deeper and bigger than any workout or any the diet amount of muscle.

I am inviting women to get off the diet roller coaster. Learn how to trust themselves and create change NOT by denying themselves …. But by ALLOWING themselves.

My clients inside Self Made are part of a community but also get to be on their own individual journey with me as their guide, their coach, their Sherpa, their ass kicker. I am paving the way so that other women can stop suffering.

Diets don’t cause suffering – but what we think about ourselves and what dieting means DOES.

If you want to love the most important person in your life, YOU, I’m here to help.

What comes inside the program?

Now Enrolling

The Self Made Program

In the program you get:

  • NMonth One- Self Commitment
  • NMonth Two - Manage your Mind
  • NMonth Three- Finding Your Future Self
  • NMonth Four- Beyond the Scale
  • NMonth Five- Celebrate your Wins
  • NMonth Six- More than a diet

What you’ll learn:

  • NWeight loss is not about the one “right” diet - it is about MUCH more than that
  • NWeight loss is not about the one “right” workout
  • NWeight loss is not about being positive and putting a big smile on.
  • NWeight loss is about FEELINGS. All of them. Not trying to bury them or hide from them but knowing and allowing the full human experience.
  • NWeight loss is not about grinding hustling and will powering your way to some end line.
  • NTransformation (when done well) is done from the inside out
  • NTransformation doesn’t happen on the scale
  • NI am an expert at Demystifying weight loss
  • NI help you unfuck your diet brain.
  • NFood drama, scale drama, diet drama – all are ways we get to hide from who we truly are and as crazy as it seems, as much as we want to lose weight- we let the DRAMA of the scale, the restrictive diet, the forbidden foods be the distraction and the obstacle.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude


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