This is the exclusive in-demand mastermind for six figure earners in the network marketing industry.

This is where you become more than an up line.

FALL 2021


SEPT. 30 – OCT. 3


Your peace. Your family. Your relationships. Or Your Joy.

Getting to six figures in this business is hard work. The late nights, constant conversations with your team, endless retreats, training, conferences, zoom calls, and the list goes on.

You are now in the top tiers of leadership within your company.

What got you here is NOT what will get you to the next level.

No one told you what it would be like at this level.
And yet you are spinning your wheels wondering if this is the dream you actually signed up for.
Time freedom feels like a distant dream when you are constantly caught between putting out team fires, playing the middle-man to prevent drama, answering a million messages from your downline, running events, and constantly tweaking your systems.

It can be lonely at the top.
It can be an exhausting and confusing time.

And it happens to top earners like you all the time

At this level you likely experience imposter syndrome…

feelings of unworthiness as a leader, living your life day-to -day without having a vision for where you want to be 3 years from now. It starts to feel like groundhog day.

You want the income without feeling constantly glued to your phone and laptop.

If you are on vacation and having constant anxiety about your team- that is NOT time freedom.

It’s time to get out of “management mode” and step into the role of CEO in your business.

A manager gets caught in the daily fires, activity, and commotion. They are reactive and usually feeling “behind” in their business.

A CEO knows exactly what lies ahead for the next 60-90 days of their business.
They have a plan.
They have a team that knows what to do.
They know exactly where to put their time.
They know where to leverage their energy and resources to make the most impact so they can take their business to the next level.

At this stage in the game your leadership is the most crucial.

You are no longer an “upline”- you now lead an organization of a thousand plus. It’s time to shift into the identity of COACH and CEO.

A manager is constantly telling their team what to do- and it’s exhausting and depleting work. You have likely learned by now that it isn’t the best use of your time and feeling burnt out, exhausted, and frustrated will not get you to the next level.
There is another way.

In THE PURPOSE & PROFIT MASTERMIND you learn how to step out of management and into leadership.

If you are exhausted, you have been managing instead of leading.

It takes more than being an “upline” to take your business to the next level.
It will require you to step into the role of high performer, CEO, and coach.

In the mastermind you will learn exactly where to spend your time and so you can live your life, WHILE growing your residual income.

If you are fearful of sacrificing your health, family, relationship, or joy in order to grow your business- it’s because you haven’t been taught a different way.

The PPM is for the top earner who desires:

  • Na Balanced personal and work life without losing income
  • Nto step out of day-to-day managerial work and into higher level thinking
  • NThe time freedom they signed up for
  • NTo think and ACT like a high performance coach
  • NFurther leadership skills to improve team communication and culture
  • NElevate their brand to position it for other income streams
  • NAutomate their work-flow
  • NKnows exactly how to motivate and lead their team to work no matter what season their company is in
  • NHow to create VISION for an organization of thousands
  • NTo shift their mindset into higher level thinking

This mastermind is NOT for the earner who wants to “hustle” their way to the next rank only to experience burnout. This is about stepping into a much higher way of thinking. It will challenge you.

This mastermind will require HIGH mental fortitude, mental grit, and self awareness.

More than 10 different companies will be represented in this mastermind. In order to get the most from the experience, you need to be willing to be seen and get coaching on the limiting beliefs and thoughts that are keeping you from being the leader you want and having the business you want.

This is the most elevated think tank for top earners in the industry. It is a place where we foster collaboration and community over competition and comparison.

The return on investment is who you become in the process and how your team responds to your elevated leadership and growth.

In this container, your growth is inevitable. You will not be the same.

It’s learning to reclaim your time, your life, and your schedule so you can feel “unburdened” and “untethered” to your business.

You will learn:

  • NHow to delegate and automate your skills to buy back your time
  • NHow to coach your team into action without tiring yourself out
  • NHow to run effective team calls
  • NHow to improve your systems and onboarding experience in a way that increases retention and success rate for your builders
  • NHow to develop and train your top 20% leadership to improve your overall business
  • NHow to train the remaining 80% in a way that is effective and efficient

This is NOT the mastermind for you if:

  • MYou do not find value in improving your quality of your life
  • MYou do not value time freedom
  • MYou are not in a place of STABLE and recurring $10k monthly income
  • MYou do not believe in the philosophy of “slow down to speed up”
  • MYou need a lot of hand holding
  • MAre not willing to be honest and vulnerable in a group container to get coaching on areas you need help
  • MYou feel “scarce” around large investments for your personal growth

“The return on investment is who you become in the process and how your team responds to your elevated leadership and growth.”

This mastermind is exclusive and elite.

There are limited spots. You will need to be confident, self motivated, resourceful, and determined.

“tell me more”

What comes inside the program?

A LIVE 2 DAY EVENT at The Four Seasons in Denver Colorado (Dates: Sept. 30 to Oct. 2)

This event will have two intensive days of live training and coaching to get you off to a strong start for the mastermind. **Travel expenses are NOT included in the price of the mastermind**
You will meet your mastermind sisters who you will work with over the next six months. This is a highlight of the mastermind so you need to have these dates blocked off. If you cannot attend, you can still invest in the mastermind and you will be responsible to watch the recordings and get what you need.

6 months of weekly Zoom calls

Zoom calls in a group setting for you to get coaching and watch your peers be coached

Private member portal of all recorded calls

Exclusive access to a private portal where you can revisit and dive deep into each coaching call.

Specialized trainings

for OPPORTUNITY CALLS, LAUNCHING, and ONBOARDING in your member portal


Some of the top Life and Business coaches in the industry to help elevate your leadership

Private member Facebook Group

Facebook Group to ask questions, get feedback, and support your fellow mastermind peers

Exclusive Comminuty

The greatest asset in the mastermind is being in close contact with the mastermind sisters.

The Investment

INVESTMENT: $10,000 pay in full. Payment will be due in full on 8/6/21.

Due to the demand of the mastermind and limited spots- there will be no payment plans.

If you are ready to truly gain the time freedom you desire WHILE continuing to grow your business, this is the mastermind for you.
If you desire to completely transform your leadership, identify your upper limit, and elevate your team, this is for you.
If you want emotional peace AND find joy in your leadership- this is for you.

This mastermind is about growing your profit over the LONG TERM while still maintaining your peace, joy, and quality of life.

The purpose and profit mastermind

$10,000.00 USD

Apply Now For the Mastermind

The application process is going to be intensive. Spots are limited and will go quickly. Your experience of the application process will test your mindset, time management, and your commitment to your long term goals. You need to be ready to play big, think big, and invest big. This is where you become more than an up-line.