Weight Loss Without the Bullsh*t

by | Jun 15, 2022

We’re going to be saying fuck no to hating our bodies, burying our feelings, obsessing about the scale, comparing ourselves to everyone else (including strangers on Instagram), and shit-talking to ourselves. In this podcast, we’re going to also say NO to trying to be perfect and trying to make everyone happy. We’re also going to say NO to vilifying certain foods. No more good and bad foods! 

Instead, you’re going to lose weight because you’re going to eat when you’re hungry. You’re going to feel your feelings. I know that sounds terrible. You’re going to move your bodies in ways that you enjoy. It’s time to make weight loss stress-free and even fun. I am here to help you figure out who you are and love her no matter what. That’s why this is a little bit different than your conventional weight loss podcast. 

Why are we talking about weight loss differently?

Through the process of becoming a life coach, I have discovered how much your mindset plays into permanent weight loss. I’ve been doing the health coach thing for the last 25 years. As a fitness coach, somebody who might lead your workout or train you one-on-one or give you a meal plan, and get you on stage, my job has been to tell you what to do. It has been my job to tell you how much to do and when to do it. But as a life coach, I really just get better at asking questions and helping you understand that you already have the answers. So Unfuck Your Weight Loss aligns with this approach. 

Think about weight loss like this…

Imagine all of the decades of dieting that you’ve done is like an overstuffed pocketbook. It’s just filled to the brim. It’s got pens, pennies, gum stuck to the lining, crumbs, an old chapstick, and literally everything under the sun. There is so much bullshit in that pocketbook that you don’t even know half the stuff that’s in there until you turn it upside down and dump it out. This is your brain on dieting bullshit.

I just blew your mind, didn’t I?  You can’t even recognize all the shit that is in your brain from the 10-40+ years of dieting. All of the things that you think and believe. Here’s the real kicker…you think and believe all that bullshit to be true and that there is only one way to lose weight. You truly need to dump out the pocketbook, AKA your brain, to remove all of those thoughts and beliefs. Then you have to take a look at them, see the trash, the gum wrappers, and the lollipop sticks, and then you need to clean it out. That’s essentially what we’re going to do here at Unfuck Your Weight Loss. 

I’m super excited to unpack weight loss with you. 

You do not have to do this alone. I’m right there along with you looking to lose weight, keep it off, make it fun, make it simple, and clear out all of the bullshit so that you actually have the brain power to do other things. If you’re not constantly consumed and obsessed about what you weigh, what you’re eating, and when you’re eating, then you will have the brain power to do more amazing things that you are passionate about.

Imagine all of the room in your brain to create a better life, to work on those projects on your bucket list, doing all the things that you have imagined doing, being fully present in your life, being fully present in your relationships, and being fully present at work and with your kids. When you’re not obsessed with all of the diet bullshit, that’s what you’re going to be able to do at Unfuck Your Weight Loss and it is going to be fun! Imagine what your life would feel like. In fact, I challenge you to use this thought as a journal entry. What would you do if you have the brain bandwidth to do it because you aren’t hyper focused on dieting?

I knew there had to be a better way to accomplish permanent weight loss. 

I see the problem. The problem is people don’t keep their weight off. I knew I had to think about the solution. That solution isn’t a more restrictive diet and more beast mode workouts. It’s not more fat-burning supplements and diet searches. There really is something else. I know that in some ways, it sounds counterintuitive to be nicer to yourself. But that’s really where it starts. It starts by giving yourself permission to not fucking hate yourself. 

So, I will be here every week helping you start the process of loving yourself. For me, the goal of this podcast is to make weight loss inevitable for you. So, whether you’re going to listen to the podcast, whether you’re already a member of my free group on Facebook called Food, Fitness, and Fat Loss for Real Life, or whether you’re already a client of mine inside of my Self Made program, I’m looking forward to connecting with you and staying connected. Let’s do this together!


Welcome to Unfuck Your Weight Loss Episode #001. In many ways, I feel like this should be episode 3901 by now. I’ve had podcasting on my wish list for at least 5 years. I’ve also recorded and re-recorded this episode around 30 times. This made me realize that there is probably something on your wish list that you haven’t quite achieved yet. Maybe that thing is permanent weight loss. So this is why I have created Unfuck Your Weight Loss as a podcast where we’re going to talk about weight loss, but we’re just going to do it a little bit differently. We’re going to do weight loss without the bullshit.


Bonnie Lefrak has been in the health and fitness industry for 25 years. As a former bikini competitor, Bonnie helps other women achieve their dreams of being on stage as bikini competitors through her bikini program at the gym she owns in Massachusetts called Fitness Asylum. But as a self-proclaimed professional dieter, Bonnie also realized the toll dieting takes on the human brain. 

Bonnie helps women over 40 lose weight without killing themselves in the gym, eliminate all the BS food drama, and help to create a life and body they LOVE. She wants to help women create certainty in their own lives, their own results, and their own abilities. Weight loss is not about the one “right” diet. It is about MUCH more than that. 

Weight loss is not about the one “right” workout. Weight loss is not about being positive and putting a big smile on. Weight loss is about FEELINGS. All of them. Not trying to bury them or hide from them but knowing and allowing the full human experience. Weight loss is not about grinding hustling and will powering your way to some end line. Transformation (when done well) is done from the inside out. Transformation doesn’t happen on the scale. She is an expert at Demystifying weight loss and helps you unfuck your diet brain.

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Weight Loss Without The Bullsh*t