You don’t have to do this alone…

Losing weight can be hard AF. There’s so much noise in the online space telling you to try a specific diet, exercise a certain way, don’t do this, do that, and on and on and on. It’s time to cut through the bull$hit and uncomplicate weight loss TOGETHER!

No more Drama

No More overwhelm

No More diet suffering

Limited TimeGet exclusive access to the Society with NO enrollments fee, a BONUS Holiday survival Recipe Guide, and pay just $37 for the first month (using code earlyaccess37). It’s $57 each month thereafter, cancel anytime.

Let’s cut through the bull$hit and uncomplicate weight loss TOGETHER!

It’s proven that when you have accountability during a weight loss journey, you are more likely to succeed. But what would happen if you combined accountability with the knowledge you need to know about losing weight in real life? What would happen if you could cut through all the bull$hit and get the facts straight from the mouth of someone who has been there and done that for the past 20 years?

Listen…I get it. Trying to lose weight can be a real b*tch if you don’t understand how all of the different factors affect each other. There is so much more to weight loss than JUST calories in and calories out. While we would all love for weight loss to be that simple, the truth is it’s not! And if you’re here, reading this right now, then you probably already know that. It’s time to end the madness already and stop trying to figure it all out alone!

So I thought to myself, “What could I do to help women lose weight once and for all, get the bangin’ body they want, feel confident in their birthday suit, and uncomplicate the process at the same time?”


Self Made Society is a membership dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals by making the process as uncomplicated as possible.

And what’s even better is you don’t have to do it alone anymore. If you’re having a $hitty day, you can reach out to this community. Need someone to virtually slap that cookie out of your hand? You can reach out to this community. Need to understand why you keep getting in your own way? You can reach out to this community.

This is THE PLACE you can come to with all your weight loss and mindset questions and problems where there will be no judgment…ONLY SUPPORT!

In case we haven’t already met…HI! I’m Bonnie!

I’m a Life & Body Transformation Expert and Founder of Self Made, a program designed to help you tackle the physical aspects of health and weight loss as well as the beliefs and thoughts that drive our habits and behaviors.

It is my goal to help women create certainty in their own lives, their own results, and their own abilities.

Here’s the truth…

Weight loss is not about the one “right” diet

it is about MUCH more than that.

Weight loss is not about the one “right” workout. Weight loss is not about being positive and putting a big smile on.

Weight loss is about FEELINGS. All of them. Not trying to bury them or hide from them, but knowing and allowing the full human experience. Weight loss is not about grinding, hustling, and will-powering your way to some end line. Transformation (when done well) is done from the inside out.

By addressing both the physical and mental aspects of dieting and weight loss, I have coached thousands of women ages 30-55+ from all over and helped them ditch the mindsets that are holding them back, achieve permanent weight loss, and get the bangin’ body of their dreams.

I am an expert at Demystifying weight loss. I help you u****k your diet brain. I am on a mission to help women love themselves, to find PEACE in the process of losing weight, taking care of themselves, and leveraging the power they do have to become who and want they want right now.


In Depth Trainings on Exercise, Weight Loss, & Building your Food Matrix


Self-Guided Resources on Supplements, Hormone Advocacy, and more!


Exclusive Self Made Society Members Only Podcast

Bonus Material that is updated each month and available ONLY to Self Made Society Members

LIVE Topic trainings and group Q&A coaching calls every month

Self Made Society Private Facebook Accountability Group


BEST OF ALL… Self Made Society can be applied to your life no matter what diet or way of eating you choose.

Success Stories

See what Everyone Is Saying

-Nicole M.

She just finished up 12 weeks in private coaching group.

And needless to say she’s pretty happy.

Not only did she lose over a pound every week she did it without starving, or trying to be perfect.

In fact – she had… and took tons of flexibility because..

She learned how to.

Also this woman works 2 jobs – and is busy as one could be with 1 day “off” a week.

Congratulations Nicole – keep rocking it!

Jessica H.

I wanted to share some wins with you.

This program has been helping me alot just reading your encouragement and listening to the zoom calls when I can.

I’m an all or nothing individual so I have struggled a long time with food.

Emotional eating and putting everyone else first like a lot of woman/moms do.

I’m now starting to realize my own health and wellness is very important for my family to function as well.

Hope you are doing the same! <3

-Carole R.

I’ve maintained my weight loss for 6 months.

I’ve done 72 bootcamps since July and look like a badass, and today I did not buy the higher calorie muffin at Roche Bros that was going to replace the one I wanted from Dunkin that they were sold out of.

Instead I went home and ate a late but on plan lunch!

-Kendra M.

Congratulations to Kendra! This woman has lost 50lbs in 20 weeks. And that’s something to celebrate.

PS. She’s a busy woman with kids, family and all the life issues that happen.. And she did it anyway.

Over the summer no less.

This is for you if…

  • NYou are DONE struggling
  • NYou are DONE trying to figure $hit out and failing
  • NYou are DONE hating what and who you see in the mirror and photos
  • NYou are READY and WILLING to let go all the old diet BS
  • NYou are READY and WILLING to show up for yourself
  • NYou are READY and WILLING to be uncomfortable because life ain’t all sunshine and ponies
  • NYou are READY and WILLING to take responsibility for your actions and future
  • NYou are READY and WILLING to prioritize yourself
  • NYou want to feel challenged, supported, and accountable
  • NYou are ready to invest the time and energy into yourself
  • NYou want to develop a healthy relationship with food, the scale, exercise and yourself
  • NYou have already tried all the things
  • NYou want to lose 5-100+ lbs
  • NYou want the tools and community that could improve every aspect of your life
  • NYou are ready to do epic $hit with a group of badass women

This is NOT for you if…

  • MYou want to continue playing the victim
  • MYou’re satisfied with being uncomfortable in your own skin.
  • MYou’d rather keep trying to achieve your goals alone and keep failing.
  • MYou’re not ready to take personal responsibility for your own actions.
  • MYou’re not willing to support other women on their weight loss journey.
  • MYou just don’t actually want to lose weight permanently.

Limited TimeGet exclusive access to the Society with NO enrollments fee, a BONUS Holiday survival Recipe Guide, and pay just $37 for the first month (using code earlyaccess37). It’s $57 each month thereafter, cancel anytime.

Self Made Society is…

Your one-stop shop to cut through all the bull$hit and noise the diet industry has created while creating a supportive environment that will help you stay true to and achieve your goals.

For only $57 a month ($197 to enroll), you can have access to a wide variety of resources, trainings, and community that will help you finally lose weight and feel good in your own skin.

Now Enrolling

The Self Made Society

In the program you get:

  • NExclusive Self Made Society Course with In-Depth Video Modules
  • NExclusive Self Made Society Self-Guided Resources
  • NAccess to Self Made Society Member Only Podcast
  • NLive Topic Training Calls
  • NLive Coaching Q&A Calls
  • NPrivate Self Made Society Facebook Accountability Group
  • NOpportunity to Get Coached 1-On-1
  • NAND Self Made Society Bonus Materials!

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to ditch the diet industry that just has you jumping from one diet to the next and create true transformation from the inside out while receiving the support you need…it’s time to join Self Made Society.

Success Stories

See what Everyone Is Saying