No Weigh May

by | May 7, 2024

I thought it would be fun to share with you something that I am doing with my coaching clients in Self Made. I have two programs, well, I have probably more than two. I have a gym brand called the Fitness Asylum that has four locations here in the Massachusetts area and under that umbrella, there’s lots of different programs. 

In Bonnie Lefrak coaching land, I have two main programs. Self Made is what I would call the more premier coaching container. It’s only more premier because we do more with you. The other program is called the Society. It is a monthly membership and it is more to yourself. So one is do it with a coach and the other is do it with yourself. Both programs are great. I am in both programs, so you still get me, just I’m served up a little bit differently. 

Inside of Self Made we have group coaching opportunities twice a week, we offer one on one coaching, and we have weekly check ins. Plus we have more specific content for you and in a more personalized, customized way. We’re working with you as an individual, whoever you are, Whatever your fitness level is, wherever you’ve been, wherever you want to go. It’s just that much more personal. 

I have clients that will obviously go from Self Made to the Society or from the Society to Self Made, or Society to Self Made and back to Society which is totally fine. It’s a great little ecosystem to be in. Lots of amazing women, I would say mostly 40s and 50s, but I do get my people in their 30s and 60s. So come on in. 

No Weigh May

Last year in Self Made we did No Weigh May. It is May 1 and we are embarking on a new month. I love a new, fresh month. I love May, for many reasons. First of all, it’s 31 full days. You have 31 days of opportunity. I love the month of May just because it’s a beautiful spring month and that’s it. That’s all I got for you. That’s why I love May, nothing more nothing less. 

No Weigh May is about, as you might imagine, going the month of May without using the scale. I know, crazy, right? 

A little back story, I don’t even think there’s a story. I’m not the greatest storyteller. I think it’s worth mentioning that for me personally, I don’t own a scale, I don’t use a scale, I have not gotten on a scale for my own personal use in over 10 years, since around month six or seven or eight of pregnancy. I was weighing myself and then stopped. I obviously got on the scale at my doctor’s when I was pregnant, because you’re pregnant, you’re trying to do all the things and whatever they ask you to do. I would always get on backwards or not look or just tell them I’m not interested. I don’t need to know, because I get it. I’m going to weigh a lot. I’m pregnant with twins. 

If you’re wondering, well, Bonnie, it’s been 10 and a half years, have you not gone to the doctors in 10 and a half years? Um, I don’t go to the doctor very regularly. But when I do, I don’t get on the scale. I just opt out. So yes, I’ve been to the doctor, I just opt out, I just say yeah, I’m not gonna get on a scale. Then, that’s that. No big deal. I’m not going to the doctor right now to talk about my weight. I’m not going there. There’s no reason. Take a look at me. If you have any issues or questions, then we can talk. It’s really not pertinent to my overall health. 

If, for example, I woke up and felt like I had gained 20 pounds, and none of my clothes would go on overnight. I guess maybe I would get on the scale. But what difference does it make? I’m just telling you what’s happening, just listen to what I’m saying. It’s funny, because sometimes I think our physicians don’t really listen, they don’t have time to listen. So they’re just looking for all the data they can get. They just track the data. That’s fine, too. Ultimately, the scale is just data, so I don’t weigh myself. Not because I’m against it, I’m not afraid of it. I’m not opposed to it, it is data. 

Most every one of my clients uses the scale, and uses the scale weekly, or avoids the scale weekly, or we’re coaching on the scale. What happened is that prior to me having my girls, I had some other pregnancies that did not go through and I had a couple years of just rough times, a lot of ups and downs and some weight gain. I worked really hard to take the weight off, I worked with a coach, and in that coaching I did a check in every single week with photos and weight. Just self reported weight and photos. 

I became obsessed with trying to hit a number in my mind. 

I had picked a number, the number is what I thought I should weigh based on what I will call sort of off season. As a former competitive bodybuilder, in my mind, I had two acceptable weights. One way was a stage weight, which is an acceptable stage weight, it was very hard to achieve. Then what I would call offseason meaning this would be a good weight to hang out at if you wanted to ever get back on stage. So it was still a really lean weight. In many cases, these are arbitrary numbers. Literally arbitrary because even if I had gotten on stage at a certain weight, had I weighed myself the day before or the day before or the day before, I would come up with different numbers. 

Here’s kind of the funny thing, all throughout my years of competing and trying to compete. And after the competition, I never owned a scale. I didn’t. I did stage prep and got on stage and competed in bodybuilding and did all the things and I never owned a scale. Was my coach annoyed? I don’t know. I think he thought it was interesting. But I sent photos. 

At the end of the day, it really didn’t matter what the number was. It’s like well, here’s a photo or here’s me in real life. Am I actually leaner? Am I getting leaner? Am I losing body fat? Am I building muscle? Am I keeping muscle?  It’s a totally different game. It’s only when, for whatever reason, I started to really fixate on hitting a number. And it’s not because the coach said that’s the right number. There was no feedback coming at me that said you need to go harder or you need to lose weight or this isn’t working. It was just me trying to hit that number and I would do whatever, whatever it took. 

I know I’ve mentioned this in podcasts, but I look back and I’m like, wow, that was super crazy town. Now, some of the things I was doing were not crazy. It was just simply having a goal, a vision of what I wanted, and tracking it. I was very meticulous. I tracked the amount of walking I did. I tracked my strength training. I set weekly goals for weight loss, again, weight loss input, it was “scale loss.” I said I want to be two pounds down this week. Now, in truth, for all of this, I usually didn’t lose two pounds, I would lose zero pounds, or I would lose half a pound. And all sorts of things started to happen. 

Obviously, when the scale doesn’t go down, or you don’t think it’s going down fast enough, you try to do more workouts. Let’s throw in some hot yoga, let’s do a cheat day or cheat meal. My cheat meal turned into a cheat day, which turned into a nightmare. I was becoming so obsessed that things got unhealthy. At some point during my pregnancy I was like, Okay, here’s the deal, you’re pregnant, you’re only going to gain more weight from here, you did what you wanted to do. 

My real intention was obviously to lose weight before I got pregnant and also not to gain a crap ton of weight my first trimester. That was my goal. That goal was achieved. My pregnancy was very healthy. I was super fit. I was super muscular. Probably from the back you would not have guessed that I was very pregnant. I was very proud of my physicality, my health, my strength, even though I did get gestational diabetes. I was an older mom so I was certainly at a health risk. I never, ever got back on the scale again. 

After pregnancy to today, 10 and a half years later, has my weight jumped around? Of course it has. How do I know? Because I have a mirror and I have clothing. That’s how I know. For me, what I want is not the number, it doesn’t really matter. What I want is to look in the mirror and have a certain degree of fitness that I can say that I have some level of tone and muscularity in my body. It does not mean I don’t have body fat or I don’t have loose skin or cellulite or imperfections because I could make a list of those. I have all of that. But for the most part for me, I walk around in clothing. I don’t go through life wearing a bikini or being naked, but if I wanted to, then I would. That’s fine. I’m not trying to be perfect. 

The funny thing is, even when I was competing and getting on stage the most, I mean looking back at my phenomenal body at my lowest weight and lowest body fat percentage ever, I found a million things wrong with me. It was still not good enough. I’ve had to really grow my mindset. I’m not lowering my standards. I’m not saying, you know what, you should just love yourself no matter what. No, I want you to have goals. I want you to have more than just goals. I want you to have something bigger than a number on a scale that you’re looking to get. 

The number on the scale.

If you think about it, especially if you’re used to wanting to lose weight or being on a diet or trying to stay at a certain weight, everything we do is for that number on the scale. I think it creates an unhealthy relationship with the scale, with your body and with food. With real life. You have a level of obsession that takes away from enjoying your life and being fully present to enjoy holidays or vacations or other people or yourself or the experiences. 

All you’re thinking about is;

  • Can I eat that? 
  • What will they serve? 
  • How many calories is that? 
  • I shouldn’t have that. 
  • But everybody’s having that. 
  • I wish I could have that. 
  • Like all that stuff. 

All that chatter. 

Life’s kind of short. I think a lot of things happened for me when I became a mom. Maybe you could relate if you’re a mom, especially a mom of girls. I don’t know. I grew a lot as a person, as a woman and as somebody who still wanted to be very fit. I wanted to be a really good role model for having muscles, working out, enjoying fitness, athletics, sports and having big muscles. Flexing and all of that stuff became really important to me. 

There’s no scales in the house. We don’t really care about what anybody weighs. What does it really matter? Other than my kids know, I can’t really pick them up anymore, they’ve eclipsed my ability to really do much in terms of picking them up. Which is kind of sad. I mean, I could pick them up, but it’s not like I can carry them up and down the stairs without us probably dying. 

Everybody gets to have their own reasons for using the scale, or not using the scale. I am certainly not on this earth to convince you of anything, or that you have to do it my way, or that you can’t use the scale, or you shouldn’t use the scale, or you can use the scale or how to use the scale. I’m just sharing my own personal experience. And then working with literally 1000s of women. 

I know a lot of women feel very trapped in the number on the scale, what they weigh, what they don’t weigh, how much weight they did or did not gain. I don’t want to say it makes me sad. I think it just makes me more motivated or more inspired to offer help that you still can “lose weight” and not use the scale or just not be that interested in the scale. 

We get more interested in;

  • How strong you are, 
  • How much you can lift, 
  • How often do you go for a walk, 
  • How do you talk to yourself? 
  • How do you feed yourself?

Getting more into those aspects.

What happened? 

I hadn’t used the scale and I think it was 2018. I do have those moments where I look in the mirror or I put on my clothes and I’m like, hey, you know, it’s time to get intentional. It’s time to turn up the dial a little bit. You’ve gotten a little lacking. You’ve had way too many bags of peanut M&Ms. I think you need to have your come to Jesus moment. Like what’s happening? Are you stressed out? Are you working too much? Are you not making time for exercise? Because believe it or not that happens to me too and my business is fitness. 

My business is helping other women lose weight yet, sometimes I’m too involved in helping other people do the thing and not doing it myself. I did have that moment where I said, Okay, Bonnie, you know what to do? And you just have to just focus on the actions. You don’t need a scale to tell you whether you’re doing the actions or not, it’s just;

  • Getting a little bit more intentional with your workouts. 
  • Put them in your calendar. 
  • Make sure you go for a walk. 
  • Focus on your sleep. 
  • Get back to that regular routine of eating. 

That’s really been helpful for me. It keeps it very easy. It’s not complicated. I don’t have a lot of food rules. I don’t have good and bad foods, and all of that stuff. 

Before I dive into setting you up for No Weigh May.

I want to give two other examples besides what I do and don’t do with the scale. No Weigh May for me, it’s super easy. I am trained very much to know how my clothes fit, and to use the mirror or use photos, so I kind of know. I will say in the last year especially, I’ve been very much focused on building muscle and keeping strength because once you’re in your 50s that stuff’s not going to get easier. Over a year ago, I discovered I had arthritis in my shoulder and if I didn’t try to get mobility back and rehab it then I’d be looking at shoulder replacements sooner rather than later. I do need a shoulder replacement but I’m not in a hurry to go get that done. So I want to keep up my strength and do as much as possible. It’s been over a year that I really kind of doubled down on being very consistent with my workout and I can see the difference. I have a lot more muscle tone than I did a year ago. 

I want to share the two stories. I’m in a Facebook group. It’s not my group. I don’t even know if anybody actually moderates the group. It feels like it’s just hey, if you’re somebody who likes peloton and you’re a female and you’re in menopause and you like to work out, this is a group for you. I’ve been in there a while and it’s mostly sharing your advice. Hey, has anybody tried this for hot flashes? Has anybody’s doctor recommended these birth control pills for menopause? All kinds of stuff. Some of the things you’re like, Whoa, I hope not. 

I don’t go in there to like, be like, “Hey, I’m Bonnie. I’m an expert. I know everything.” If I can lend advice I do. If I can’t, I don’t. I don’t try to tell people what to do or judge them. If I can be helpful, that’s my job. 

In rolling out this idea of No Weigh May, it’s kind of like Dry January for the scale. So this woman in the Facebook group was like, “oh, my gosh, please help. I went away for the weekend to my daughter’s dance competition. I walked like eight miles a day. I ate all the salads. I only had one glass of champagne. I came back and got on the scale and I’m up four pounds.” A lot of people in the group were right on and we’re like, “hey, look, like if you traveled by plane or you’re off schedule, like this is definitely water weight.” Or maybe you haven’t pooped? Your digestive system is off which happens when you travel. Most everybody was really coming in with the right information as this is water weight. You’re not likely to gain four pounds in two or three days. I mean, provided that she weighed herself before she went, and now she’s weighing herself when she comes back. 

My advice was really very onpoint with everybody else’s, which was listen, I told ya, I get it. I’d probably panic too but I always tell my clients, if you are out of town,or you traveled, I wouldn’t get on the scale right away. I would let your body readjust. Especially if you did do any air travel, you’re probably going to hold some water. It is hard. If you have kids, and you’re traveling every weekend. You’re going to the dance competition or cheerleading, or whatever my case. We have done a lot of ninja comps and a lot of travel. You are just eating at different times or eating at different places or not eating at home, or you’re sleeping in a hotel. It’s just not normal life and the scale can reflect that. 

The scale is going to go up and down. So I said, “yeah, this is what happens when we become so overly focused with the scale.” This woman was genuinely upset, worried, panicked. Like, what is happening? What is going on? Now, if she got on the scale tomorrow, and it was up another four pounds, then I might think that she has a problem. But you’re going to see that scale fluctuation. 

I have another story to share with you. I have a friend and I have known her from another fitness business that we both worked for. We’ve known each other since before we had kids. When I say she’s a friend of mine, I probably haven’t seen her in 11 or 12 years. I follow her on Facebook. I saw over the last couple years that she had really gotten back to working out. I followed a lot of her before and after pictures and her working out in the gym. She looks great and she’s very consistent. She will post pictures of what she’s eating or that she’s following macros and I think she’s using a male bodybuilding coach. 

I’ll be honest, there was a part of me that was like, Oh, that’s weird. Why would you use a male bodybuilding coach when you’re not even doing bodybuilding? But whatever. Different strokes for different folks. There’s a million different ways to lose weight. There’s a million different coaches that can help you for sure. For real, I did not offer my services to her. 

A few weeks ago, she texted me, not direct message me, she texted me and was like, hey, I want to obviously keep losing weight or whatever. I feel like I need to increase my macros. I’d love to meet with you. I can pay you. She was basically like, I need to hire you.  

I was like, hey, I love hearing from you, you’re doing a great job, I don’t meet with people. I don’t have that bandwidth to do that. I really wouldn’t charge you. I could probably help her more on a phone call or through messages trying to help her increase her macros. Increase the amount of food that she’s actually taking in. We kind of left it at that. 

Then she did kind of throw in that at some point in the future, but not now. She was thinking of competing. Great. That is another lane I have under the umbrella of the Fitness Asylum. Sidenote. Turns out, weeks go by, not a problem. I see on her Facebook stories, she posts a side by side photo. On the left is before when she started to really get serious with her strength training. By serious I mean, I think she’s in the gym five days a week. She’s also a mom of three girls under nine, she travels for work, and she’s in her 40s. She’s not a 20 year old Instagrammer. She’s the real deal. You and me. 

The picture on the left was November 2022. So like a year and a half ago. She started to get serious about strength training. Then she has a current picture and she looks great in both pictures. But like a lot of moms, we can get a layer of body fat. The layer of fluff, she wanted to unflushed herself. In the picture, she probably looked like she had lost 15-20 pounds. What you would expect, you look like you lost 20 pounds. Her after photo looks super fit. You can see the difference in every part of her body. 

She’s wearing workout clothes in both and the caption was from a size 12 to a size 6, only five pounds lost. I was like, Oh, heck yes. This is it. This is exactly it. This is exactly what you want. And I pretty much messaged her that. Throughout the years, as she’s posting all of her pictures of her food or her workouts, always sending her the little clapping emojis or what have you, like, I’m a fan. I’m a big fan of anybody who’s like, I’m doing this thing. I’m gonna post about it. I’m gonna hold myself accountable. I’m gonna just keep on going. 

She wrote me back and she’s like, but I can’t believe how much I want the scale to go down. Like, I just can’t get it to go down and how much it really still matters to me. I’m like, I get it. I totally understand. We’re conditioned to think that we need to weigh a certain amount. Now she never posted what her weight is, or is not. I’m guessing. I think I put this in last week’s podcast episode, the average weight for an American woman is like 170 pounds. Well, so let’s just say for fun that she was 170. She’s now 165. She’s been at this for a year and a half. 

You could have a lot of thoughts right as she might be. 

  • This is so slow. 
  • This isn’t working. 
  • What’s wrong with me? 
  • I must be missing something. 
  • I need something else.

You could have all of those thoughts this whole time, the scale only went down five pounds.

The woman is a size 6. She was a size 12. She looks bomb.com She looks amazing. Everybody would kill to be that fit and lean and have visible muscle and be sexy mom. Seriously. I know I do not lie. I had to share that because ultimately, I think that’s what we all want is to have muscle tone, to be fit, to be lean, to be healthy, to have energy, to be able to do the things we want to do, and to fit into the clothes. It really does not matter what the scale says.

Now, I’m going to confess I am guilty of celebrating people’s weight loss by focusing on the numbers down. The reason I think is that that is what is expected. It’s very hard for me as a transformation coach across every program I’ve ever done. If I was just like, Yeah, this person lost five pounds. You’d be like, you must suck. You must not even know what you’re doing. Right? It’s like I have to be like this person lost 15. This person lost 20. This woman lost 75 pounds. This one lost 100. That’s like the badge of honor, the number on the scale. I know it’s super crazy. 

What I really want and I think what you really want is to lose body fat and to keep muscle mass. You may not even want to get more muscle. I’ll be honest with you, you probably have muscle. However, if we keep going on diets. The low calorie, it’s 1200 calories or less. If we keep going on these diets or some of these meal plans, the Optivia, you’re eating 7, 8, 900 calories. It’s not going to be enough to actually keep your muscle, let alone build new muscle. 

What is your big vision?

Going back to No Weigh May. I think it might be important to ask you a question. What is your big vision? We talked about goals, having a goal and setting a goal. A lot of times, the goal is always about a number on the scale. But I want to sort of expand that idea. You can have a lot of goals. I want to run a 5k. Or I want to learn how to do XYZ. You can have all of those, but what is really the big vision for yourself, for your life, for your legacy, for your day to day? How do you want to see yourself? Or how do you see yourself? 

For a lot of the women I work with, the clients I have, the women I talked to, a lot of times it’s about finding the person they lost. Somewhere along the way, something happened. Maybe you became a mom or maybe you had some type of trauma or tragedy or just work got totally insane. Something happened along the way as time went by, and you no longer worked out, you no longer made time or had the time to do the things. Subsequently you gained weight, you lost your level of fitness, you lost your level of confidence. 

Sometimes it’s just recapturing the essence of who you are or who you’ve always been. Sometimes we quiet ourselves, we squash our voice, we put the blinders on, we put our head in the sand, we get hyper focused on just getting through the day. Never really realizing that we’re sacrificing so much of what we want and who we are. You wake up 5 or 10 years later, and you’re like, Holy f*ck, who am I? Where am I? Where did she go? What happened to her? 

It’s never too late to be like, you know what? I know how to work out. I can take a walk. I do know what’s healthy. I do know how to eat. We want to figure out what’s the problem. A lot of times we think we need a new diet, a new workout, all of this stuff. We need to weigh a certain number. All of that is a mask, a distraction from whatever the root cause is that would have caused us to gain weight. 

What is your big vision? I don’t think your big vision is just a big scale with a certain number. When you close your eyes and you imagine your life, you imagine your sexy body, your skinny jeans, your shorty shorts, your bikini, you getting the promotion or marrying Tom Selleck, or whatever it is that you’re imagining in your life. 

  • Aren’t there other things besides a number on the scale? 
  • Is it really just a number? 
  • That’s all you want? 
  • Or is there more than that? 
  • What does weight loss do for you? 
  • How would your life change? 
  • If you lost weight? 
  • How would weight loss actually change your life? 
  • What are the upsides of you losing weight? 
  • What are the downsides of you losing weight? 

I think they’re all questions worth asking yourself. 

This might be your call to do that. No Weigh May alongside myself and my clients. You might even decide to be a client inside of Self Made. You might decide you know what? I could use some help redefining and finding my own relationship with my body, the scale, food, my goals. I could use some help with this. No Weigh May is kind of like Dry January. It is kind of like going to scale jail. 

I was trying to imagine what scenario could I be in where I wouldn’t have access to a scale like, all scales in the world all of a sudden became extinct, all the scales broke. Then I was thinking where you probably couldn’t use a scale every day, jail. If you were in jail, I bet you can’t wake up every single day, and hop on the scale. 

Some of you might be every single day hopping on the scale checking to see

  • If it’s working. 
  • If this diet is the right diet.
  • How should I feel? 
  • What should I wear? 
  • Am I good enough? 
  • Did I do a good enough job? 
  • Did I earn a treat? 
  • Did I earn my carbs? 
  • Can I eat tonight?
  • Am I worthy? 
  • Is this good? 
  • Am I doing it? 

It’s amazing that we check in with the scale to see where I’m at. 

In any case, I don’t really think you need to go to scale jail. But you might decide, do you want to stay off the scale? Do you want to put the scale under your bed? Do you want to put it somewhere else in the house? Do you want to give it to your significant other to have it hidden? Do you want to do that? I’d love to hear from you. 

I’ll tell you about my own clients, I have probably two main subsets of clients, some clients who are like, I hate the scale anyway, I am avoiding the scale. I don’t want to be on the scale. So this will be easy for me. And yes, it would be easy. No Weigh May will be super easy. If you hate the scale, don’t want to be on the scale, or avoid the scale. However, I think that’s worth coaching on. Even if you never use the scale again. It’s figuring out why you hate it. Or why are you avoiding it? Or what is that all about? What if we could get to neutral? 

I neither hate it nor love it? I don’t need it, or I don’t care about it. Let’s get there for the right reasons. Because we don’t want to be the ostrich. We don’t want to be afraid of it and think oh my gosh, the scale disappoints me or the scale is always bad. The scale always messes with my head, the scale does all these things. When in fact, those are our own thoughts and beliefs. 

The second group of clients, and you could probably relate to one or this one, is oh my god, that would give me horrible anxiety. How could I not get on the scale for a whole month? If I do that, I definitely will gain weight. I will absolutely not know where I am. Then I’ll probably eat too much or I won’t work out right? Because we’re using the scale as the prompt to eat less, move more, do this, do that. Rather than just say, 

  • Okay, what is my plan for today?
  • What is my plan for the week? 
  • What is my plan for the month? 
  • What are all the things I know to do? 
  • I know I’m going to strength train. 
  • Okay, how many days this week? 
  • What’s the plan for that? 
  • Do you actually have a workout plan? 
  • Are you just making it up as you go? 
  • What is the plan for you getting out and walking?
  • Moving your body? 
  • Getting more steps?
  • Getting more water?
  • making sure that you sleep even plus hours a night? 
  • How are you going to manage stress? 
  • How are you going to eat? 
  • What are the rules you’re putting in place? 

When I say rules, I just mean guidelines. Like for example, I do have some rules for myself where I don’t want to eat after dinner. Only bad things happen after dinner. After 6pm, 7pm, 8pm. It’s downhill from there. I want to start getting ready for bed by 8 or 830. By getting ready for bed, you’re washing your face, you’re getting out your supplements, getting ready for the next day. It’s a process. I don’t want to be going to bed on a full stomach. I want to have as much time in a fasted state.

Again, not doing intermittent fasting. But if I stopped eating by 6 or 6:30, I’m probably not going to take in calories again until maybe 6:30 or 7:30 in the morning when I drink my coffee. Because I drink it with half and half. In any case, I think it’d be worth asking yourself. 

  • What is your big vision? 
  • Have you ever really thought about it? 
  • Have you written it down? 
  • Is it in words?
  • What is it that you’re trying to create for yourself? 
  • What role does weight loss actually play for you? 
  • What if you decided not to use the scale this month? 
  • How would you go about staying on track? 

Even if you decide you know what, Bonnie? Screw you, I’m not doing that. Sounds terrible. I would love to hear from you either way. I think it’s very provocative. I’m very much looking forward to working with my clients in Self Made. They don’t know I’m spilling all the beans about No Weigh May right now. That’s what we’re doing in Self Made. 

I also want to add that my coaching clients never have to do anything. I don’t make them do anything. I don’t take away their scale. I don’t force them to get on the scale. This is a pick your own adventure with a coach. I’m here to hold the space for you to do what’s best for you. And let’s talk about it. Let’s figure it out so that you can get the results that you want.

If you are interested in being part of Self Made, of course you are. You can book a call with me. We’ll make sure that the call link is in the show notes. Of course, I also have my program the Society which is a monthly membership program, where every single month we have a brand new masterclass and there is a monthly coaching call. The master class inside the Society for May will be next week on Monday, May 6. It is called Look Like You Work Out. So we’re going to talk about how to eat to look a certain way but also talk about strength training, how to strength train, how to design your own program, how to hold yourself accountable to go and build the muscle you need to have the metabolism you want. 


Bonnie Lefrak is a Life & Body Transformation Expert and Founder of Self Made, a program designed to help you tackle the physical aspects of health and weight loss as well as the beliefs and thoughts that drive our habits and behaviors. It is her goal to help women create certainty in their own lives, their own results, and their own abilities.

Weight loss is not about the one “right” diet – it is about MUCH more than that. Weight loss is not about the one “right” workout. Weight loss is not about being positive and putting a big smile on.

Weight loss is about FEELINGS. All of them. Not trying to bury them or hide from them but knowing and allowing the full human experience. Weight loss is not about grinding hustling and will powering your way to some end line. Transformation (when done well) is done from the inside out.

By addressing both the physical and mental aspects of dieting and weight loss, she has coached thousands of women ages 30-55+ from all over and helped them ditch the mindsets that are holding them back, achieve permanent weight loss, and get the bangin’ body of their dreams.

Bonnie is an expert at Demystifying weight loss. She helps you u****k your diet brain. She is on a mission to help women love themselves, to find PEACE in the process of losing weight, taking care of themselves, and leveraging the power they do have to become who and want they want right now.

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