I Know What To Do, But I’m Just Not Doing It

by | Jun 27, 2024

Ever found yourself saying, “I know what to do, but I’m just not doing it” when it comes to weight loss? You’re not alone. This frustrating phrase is a common form of self-sabotage, and understanding it can be the key to unlocking your potential for success.

Recognizing Self-Sabotage

First, let’s address that feeling of knowing what to do but not following through. It’s a mental block many of us face, especially in the realm of weight loss. This is your brain’s way of trying to keep you safe, protecting you from the perceived dangers of change and the discomfort of potential failure.

The Magic Phrase: Thank You, Brain, for Keeping Me Safe

Whenever the thought, “I know what to do, but I’m just not doing it,” crosses your mind, use this simple yet powerful phrase: “Thank you, brain, for keeping me safe.” This phrase acknowledges the protective mechanism at play and helps you recognize that these thoughts are just your brain’s way of trying to shield you from failure or disappointment.

Unpacking the Knowledge

To break free from this self-sabotage, start by writing down all the things you think you need to do to lose weight. Often, our brains are cluttered with a mix of old dieting rules and new information, making it hard to discern a clear path forward.

You might already know the basics: eat more protein, consume whole foods, exercise regularly, drink water, etc. But it’s crucial to acknowledge that what worked for you in the past might not be sustainable or suitable for your current lifestyle.

The Should Trap

Many of us fall into the “should” trap, burdening ourselves with unrealistic expectations and societal pressures. Statements like “I should know better” or “I should have more willpower” only add to the mental load and make the journey harder.

Instead, focus on small, achievable actions that align with your current reality. Rather than aiming for perfection, strive for progress and self-compassion.

Identifying and Addressing Blocks

Understanding why you’re not doing what you know you should is crucial. Is it fear of failure? Fear of change? Lack of motivation or support? Once you identify these blocks, you can address them directly.

Consider seeking guidance from a coach or joining a supportive community. Having someone to provide feedback, share experiences, and offer encouragement can make a significant difference.

Embrace a New Perspective

Remember, weight loss isn’t just about the number on the scale. It’s about improving your overall health, building confidence, and creating a sustainable lifestyle. Shift your focus from punitive measures to positive actions that make you feel good and are manageable in the long term.

Practical Steps Forward

  1. Acknowledge Your Efforts: Give yourself credit for the small steps you take each day.
  2. Set Realistic Goals: Focus on achievable actions, like drinking more water or adding an extra walk to your routine.
  3. Seek Support: Join communities, find a coach, or connect with friends who share similar goals.
  4. Challenge Negative Thoughts: When you catch yourself in a negative thought loop, use the phrase, “Thank you, brain, for keeping me safe,” and then redirect your focus to what you can do.


Self-sabotage in weight loss is common, but it doesn’t have to keep you stuck. By understanding and addressing the root causes, embracing a supportive mindset, and focusing on small, actionable steps, you can overcome this hurdle. Remember, the journey is about progress, not perfection. You’re capable, and you’re worth it.

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Bonnie Lefrak is a Life & Body Transformation Expert and Founder of Self Made, a program designed to help you tackle the physical aspects of health and weight loss as well as the beliefs and thoughts that drive our habits and behaviors. It is her goal to help women create certainty in their own lives, their own results, and their own abilities.

Weight loss is not about the one “right” diet – it is about MUCH more than that. Weight loss is not about the one “right” workout. Weight loss is not about being positive and putting a big smile on.

Weight loss is about FEELINGS. All of them. Not trying to bury them or hide from them but knowing and allowing the full human experience. Weight loss is not about grinding hustling and will powering your way to some end line. Transformation (when done well) is done from the inside out.

By addressing both the physical and mental aspects of dieting and weight loss, she has coached thousands of women ages 30-55+ from all over and helped them ditch the mindsets that are holding them back, achieve permanent weight loss, and get the bangin’ body of their dreams.

Bonnie is an expert at Demystifying weight loss. She helps you u****k your diet brain. She is on a mission to help women love themselves, to find PEACE in the process of losing weight, taking care of themselves, and leveraging the power they do have to become who and want they want right now.

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