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Bonnie Lefrak
Bonnie Lefrak
Birthplace: Boston MA (Raised in. St. Louis MO!)
Current Residence: Franklin MA
Height: 5'9"
Contest Weight: 135
Offseason Weight: 155

First Bodybuilding Contest

USBF New England Natural April 2005 in Seekonk MA

Best Contest Placing(s)

  • 1st place Novice and 1st place Open Heavy USBF New England Natural April 05
  • 3rd place Open Heavy and 4th place Masters Northeast Classic May 05
  • 2nd place Open Heavy USBF New England Natural Oct 05
  • 1st place Open Heavy Monster Mash Nov 05
  • 1st Place Open Heavy and OVERALL Winner Northeast Classic May 06 (procard)
  • 6th Place Open, WNBF Universe, June 06
  • 1st Place Open Heavy NPC Natural Nothern States 11/06

Role Models in Bodybuilding/Fitness

Nancy Andrews (of course!) & Arnold (of course)

Bonnie Lefrak Neclassic Pro

Bodybuilders/Fitness Competitors who physiques I most admire

Honestly- there are so many great physiques -- Anja Langer had a great physique, as did my very first mentor (and trainer) Erin Aiken, who no longer competes. She was definitely my inspiration to get started.

Bodybuilders/Fitness Competitors whose personalities I most admire

Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Mike Katz.... the originals I guess. Mike Katz belw me away when I did his show. He is so genuine and he really embraces the athletes that participate in his show.

Highlight(s) of Career

The moment I won my pro card. I really was blown away, I thought for sure... and once again, I would lose to the lightweight competitor.

Biggest Disappointment(s) of Career

None.... or maybe it is yet to come....

Best Bodypart

Bonnie Lefrak Side Tri Pose

Worst Bodypart

I would say I have some LAGGING body parts which I am working on bringing up.

Favorite Exercise

Stiff legged dead lifts

Least Favorite Exercise

Barbell Bench press Kills my shoulders. I never do it.

Traits you admire most in others

Tenacity, resolve, organization, knowing when to be quiet.....

Traits you admire most in yourself

Resiliency, honesty.

Favorite Movies

I will say it's Ratatouille (it's a joke for my husband)

Favorite Actor

Clive Owen is very nice to look at, can't say he is the best actor in the world....but very nice to look at.....

Favorite Band or Performer

Led Zeppellin

Favorite Food
Bonnie Lefrak Kettlebell

I could not live with out Revolutionary Technology Nutrition's whey protein powder. It rocks, and is not filled with garbage and chemicals.

Favorite Cheat Day Treats

Anything that has brownies in it, on it, near it....

Favorite Automobile

I confess I love the Corvettes form the 60's and 70's.

Idea of a Perfect Vacation

What is a vacation? Hmmmmm...hard for me to sit still and lounge at a beach, but that' probably what I need most. Maybe to be restrained in a beach chair for a few days....

Favorite TV Program(s)

TOP CHEF, Crossing Over

What would you be doing if you weren't a Bodybuilder?

Saving my money. Kidding...I can't imagine NOT being involved with the sport.

Long Term Bodybuilding Ambitions

I want to keep improving. Also, I would love to compete somewhere with a very big production - like Las Vegas or something along those lines.

Bonnie LefrakWhat I like most about Bodybuilding?

I have found it to be the most personally challenging and rewarding pursuit in my life. Mostly though, it's the PEOPLE I have met who have become incredible friends. Even people I have competed against.

What I dislike most about Bodybuilding?

There is always the show were you feel like you got robbed... and you did....

Advice I would give other bodybuilders?

Enjoy the process. The whole experience, the training, dieting and prepping is something you have to love to some degree (not every day...) in order to truly appreciate the sport. ALSO--- Ladies-- BODYBUILDING is a great sport- please don't go running off to figure because you think it's prettier or easier.... show off your work and compete in bodybuilding, you will love it!

A little more about me...

I am a personal trainer and health and fitness entrepreneur with several on-line businesses. My husband and I have a houseful of furry children, most notably two labradoodles, Frank and Vince. We love our dogs - probably too much!