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Because there was a need for my clients to get the best, (not sure about the INVEST part?) It is with great pleasure that I am now the sole owner of....The Fitness Asylum.

More than a gym, this is a place where anyone at any level can find success. You will burn fat and build lean muscle, but most importantly you will learn the tools and techniques for life long weight loss personal improvement.

With more than 17 years of professional fitness training and experience, my goal at The Fitness Asylum is to create the most effective and the most extraordinary experience to help you get the RESULTS you deserve.

Please visit "The Fitness Asylum" now for all of our latest programs.

The Value of Having a Plan

What is keeping you from having the body you want?

WHY you need a coach with a plan

Whether your goal is to be lean, ripped, or just to finally fit into your jeans, you need a plan.

Achieving your “dream body” is a very individual road.  No two people will eat the same foods, and work out the same way, nor do they have to.  The formula for success varies a bit as well, but the key components are....Read More

Get in the best shape of your life.
Contact me today about your custom plan, on or off the stage.

Stacey Schaedler
Jenn Finn
I contacted Bonnie in November of 2009 seeking advice on Figure Competitions.  We met at one time in person.  I began my nutrition plan in March and I was NOT an easy client. I have a ton of....Read More Whether you want to shed a few pounds or take your body to a lean muscular ripped look, Bonnie Lefrak can and will get there!  I started working with Bonnie back in 2006, 2 years after having my twin boys.  I can’t say that I was overweight, but I wanted to be leaner, I wanted to see the....Read More
Welcome to My Website

Though always an athlete, participating in Softball, Soccer, Track, Basketball and her High School BonnieCheerleading Squad, Bonnie Lefrak considers her Jazzercise certification in 1994 to be her very first “official” Health and Fitness Industry experience.

Her talent and love for teaching Group Exercise became a natural progression to Personal Training, and then Natural Bodybuilding. Combined with numerous Industry Management positions, Bonnie has become a highly respected and successful expert in the field.

Bonnie is the owner (with her husband Douglas Nix) of First Response Fitness Inc.

The workouts are challenging and varied with kettlebells, heavy bags, body weight exercises, sand bags, ropes, and the traditional dumbbells and barbells too. Bonnie offers several options for Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling services that cater to all fitness levels, backgrounds and goals.


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Now Available:

The 22 Diet Secrets

Secret #1 There are no secrets.
Hmmm.. How will I get you to read the rest?  I am not trying to depress you, but bottom line…there is NO super special workout or diet that is THE ANSWER.

Generally there are a few factors that people need to address, to unlock the secret to their personal success. Maybe you are not strength training? Or using enough INTENSITY!!??  Maybe you eat processed foods? Maybe your hormones are out of control? Maybe you are not getting enough sleep.
Often it is a few factors that can be addressed for ultimate success.

Secret #2....

To learn more and see what the other 21 Diet Secrets are, simply email me with the subject: Send me your "22 Diet Secrets" and you will be emailed back the full report in PDF format!